Meet the Silken Windhound at Tangaloor

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PLEASE NOTE: Breeding here is on hold. No litters are currently being planned. It is possible there will be young adults available and I am selectively re-homing some of the dogs I have to be able to enjoy them and life more as well as I am opening my own vet clinic. Please check the AVAILABLE PAGE, any available dogs will be listed there.

Thank you!



The Northwest's 1st Silken Windhound Breeder, established in 2000.



Tangaloor is the cherished delight in my life. I enjoy being surrounded by my animal friends. We are located in South Eastern Washington near the Tri-Cities.

Tangaloor Silken Windhounds are another part of my family. These lovely hounds are charmers and something special to fill a wonderful niche. I can foresee that this breed is going to be a up and coming force in the canine world. A small sighthound with a huge heart and personality. Temperment, health, structure, performance and type are highly prized around here in our breeding dogs. And they are all treasures to me.

Tangaloor Dune Arabians is the horse aspect of my life. I breed, raise and train Polish or primarily Polish arabians for real working horses. They are typey, as any arabian should be, but they also have an abundance of althletic ability. They are my pride and joy to own and they embody beauty and the function of the Polish cavalry horses.

Tangaloor Cats: Without the family cats my world would be incomplete. They are the stress reducers and the balm for my days. The cats are wonderful bed warmers and fur scarves (the only way I wear fur ;-)

And a bit about me, my family and friends. Currently I live in Benton City, Washington, USA. I grew up not far from here in Tri-Cities, Washington on the shrubby steppe desert side of Washington state that few know exists. I can be reached via email at